18 August

The miracle of the Schüssler salts (Pig Salt)

There are extraordinary substances that nature offers and which support the healing of the body excellently. And none of them are synthetic. In my 40 years of professional experience, such substances can only be found in nature or derived from natural substances. This means that they cannot be synthetically duplicated. Yes, most of them can be assembled in a factory, but they will never have the same potency as those harvested from nature. And each of these substances has many variations. 

When I read the book of the physician and alchemist Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler (1821-1898) many years ago, I was totally fascinated, because it was understandable and logical and also contained a great promise. I can confirm his theory that illnesses are caused by disturbances in the mineral balance of the body's cells and can be cured by homeopathic gifts of minerals. However, the Schüssler salts I work with are not those from the pharmacy, but I produce them myself - in the same way as Wilhelm Schüssler himself produced them alchemically. Wilhelm Schüssler used the white ashes of a burnt pig as basic building material. The secret is the ratio of the salt mixture. My mixture consists of twelve salts, which are suitable for each stage of life. 

A young child has a clearly different composition than an older man, although they are the same twelve salts. The salts of the Schüssler salts known to us form the essential building blocks of the body. If you go to the pharmacist and ask him for "Schüssler-Salts", you will never get this special mixture just discussed, if you get any at all. The only thing they will give you is the homeopathic resonance of the individual salts, and this is also industrially produced. Although these are very weak in their effect compared to the original mixture and, in addition, synthetically produced substances are generally processed less well by the body, they still heal with moderate success. But in our "modern world" we are now used to exactly that. The basis, i.e. the basic building block of Schüssler salts, is the pig ash (Pig Salt) because it is the perfect mixture of the basic building blocks of the body. 

Therefore I create the Schüssler salts myself, and about five years ago I cremated a young, healthy pig for the first time, although I admit that I found it infinitely difficult to do so. Of course, one could argue that it had been bred for food anyway, but I would have liked to avoid this if it had been possible. That is all I can say about it in a nutshell. At the end of the day, it is the personal experience of the patient or the person who is willing to accept the fantastic effects of Schüssler salts and decide for them. More about my work and the Schüssler salts (Pig Salt) can be found here: www.dr-red-lion.ch 

Sincerely yours, Dr. Tamás Szikra Pomáz, 5.5.2019