18 August

The New Nano-Calcium - Are We Short of the Target?

During the last two weeks I knew what I wanted to write about next, but I didn't have the right mood for it. The crazy hysteria of the last two months has also challenged me. Hysteria is contagious, and the worst thing is when we are hysterical about contagion. To hell with it. We're here to discuss much more important matters. This morning, when I took a coffee after meditation, I realized that the reason I am here is to get physically very old and still fit with as many friends as possible, to get answers to all questions. I have never forgotten this for many years, but as I said - social distancing has taken a toll.

The first knowledge about the philosopher's stone I gathered from the temple of Karnak in the Sinai mountains of today's Israel. That was 1984. About a month ago I understood the secret of the temple of Karnak. Archaeologists found a vault under the temple containing a strange white powder and many rather large clay containers that they could identify as Voltaic batteries. The white powder remained a mystery to them for several years until science caught up with them. Now we know that the mysterious white powder is a nanomaterial because today's high-tech industry makes extensive use of it.

I have been following the work of Mr Mehran Keshe for a long time because I think he is brilliant. I am convinced that he is a walk-in like Nikola Tesla, Leonardo DaVinci, Sir Isaac Newton and many others. A "walk-in" is a person where another soul - for example in a car accident - takes over the body, a soul-swap, so to speak. One soul leaves, the other takes over the body. But it can also happen that an additional spirit or soul aspect is added, which can lead to a change of personality - in the case of the people mentioned above additional knowledge can be added in this way. Such a person has more knowledge available than normal. This is how I see Mr Keshe, who teaches us plasma science, i.e. nanotechnology. There is an advanced plasma reactor that Mr Keshe uses, which produces two types of plasma: One is food for the body and the other is food for the mind. The mixture of the two is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail gives us perfect health and extreme longevity. The end product of the two reactors is a white powder with a bluish tint. I would not be the Tamas if I had not assembled the reactor within a few days and had not absorbed the final product - the white powder. Impressive. Like I was kicked by a camel! The next morning I woke up and it was a new reality. I felt and possessed the same energy levels as when I was twenty years old. The next day, completely euphoric, I gave the same dosages to Steve - my business partner - and Kate, who does our office work. Twenty minutes later, Kate threw up and then sat on the toilet for some time. Then she said she never wanted to go near that stuff again. Steve, on the other hand, became very calm, but never took it again. My conclusion: Without the right basic attitude towards the drug, this dose was obviously too high. I myself took it with the thought "Let's fly!". But they took it because I had told them without telling them what it was. So I had to keep testing the hypothesis.

I gave my wife half of that dose and didn't tell her. She sat on the toilet half the night. Then my son came back from London with his girlfriend because of the virus and lived with us. The girlfriend got pneumonia within two days and indeed did not look well. She must have caught something in London. So I gave her half the dose. She woke up in the morning and she was fine. The difficulty in breathing disappeared, along with the fever and fatigue. After that, I went to work. When I got home late in the afternoon, she started to develop the symptoms again. So I gave her another half dose, and after ten minutes she felt better and her face colour returned. Impressive! Pneumonia cured in five days - half a dose a day. Then, last Saturday, one of my horses got a limp on its left front foot. The blacksmith was supposed to trim his hooves that same day, so he took a look at it. His diagnosis was acute strain on the tendon just above the hock. The older man is very experienced - an icon of his trade. In his opinion, the mare would need three months of treatment and rest. When the tendon was palpated, it was difficult to touch, it was swollen, with uneven nodules, and the horse did not like it when I touched it. On the other leg, the tendon was hard, smooth, not swollen, and the horse didn't mind me fiddling with it. So I thought the obvious: Nano-Tech! I took some wet plasma from my brand new reactor, smeared it on a gauze pad and wrapped it around my leg. Then I put on a foil cover to keep it moist and another gauze cover. It looked tidy, I was satisfied and the horse didn't say a word. The next day there was no limp when I took it out to go to the paddock. Two days later I removed the bandage and sat on it. We flew in a wild gallop across the prairie! The bumps and swellings of the tendon had completely disappeared.

What is nanotechnology?

It has an infinite number of applications, from IT to space technology, anti-gravity and medicine, to name but a few. In our case, we're interested in what it does to us and our bodies. This is how I see it today: The universe is made up of planets, suns and all the other things in a continuum of plasma soup. This plasma is given various names: Ether, prana, effluvia, chi, life force, etcetera. A long time ago our once immortal physical bodies were separated from direct access to this energy by our "makers" (gods). We had immortality because we were connected. Then, according to tradition, when the Anunnaki banished us from the Garden of Eden, we were separated. This means that we can only maintain our life energy by eating other living beings and using their power. Hence the food chain. This is an indirect access to life energy. It turns us into ageing, weak and sick living beings. Never enough energy. Plasma technology is replacing that missing link. As long as you draw enough plasma daily or often enough, you have the connection, the direct access. You heal, you get young again, you don't age. The absorbed plasma is not the energy, it is the link to the ocean of energy we are in, just like a conductor that replaces the insulator. You have taken the conductor, that is, the plasma, and now you are connected to the ocean of life energy. If you haven't taken it for a while, you'll realize that immediately.

How is the connection technically established? That is a good question. In my opinion, the connection with the ocean of life energy is a question of cellular electrical charge. Look at a young and healthy person - radiant, jumping around with bones made of rubber. They wouldn't be healthy if they were separated from the sea of life energy. The human body is made up of billions of individual cells that specialize in different functions. As long as our cells are healthy, the body is healthy. We know that a robust cell has at least -90 mV. The minus there means that the cell in the body has an excess of electrons. If it had a value of + 90 mV, the diagnosis would be an incurably ill and very inflamed cancer cell. Or you can grasp the concept as follows: Ecstatic joy is -90 mV. Suicidal despair is +90 mV. Both forces are powerful, but one is life-giving and life-enhancing, the other is destructive and deadly. These physiological and emotional phenomena lead to excess electrons or a lack of electrons. Our atmosphere is full of free electrons. The young can absorb it with ease; older people have quite a problem with it. If you take the plasma, I believe that the cells in your body can feed on the atmospheric electrons again. The yogi places so much emphasis on breathing exercises because with intention, conscious knowledge and decades of meditation, one can learn to absorb life energy from the atmosphere. In our culture and lifestyle this is almost unattainable. Fortunately we can solve it with plasma!

I refer to the Nano-Calcium presented in the last newsletter. It is a mixture of the previous Red Calcium (white pill) and the Nano-Plasma in a ratio of 1:3. I have mixed it with the calcium because it is easy to mix, and so we have a magic pill that really works wonders. I suggest you try it and I am convinced that we will be friends for a very long time. you can take the Nano-Calcium in addition to the existing pills or simply exchange it - so instead of Red Calcium order the Nano-Calcium. it is very strong and you will feel it already a few minutes after taking it. It is unmistakable. The sicker and older you are, the more you feel the effects. Do not be worried if you feel dizzy when you feel your head expanding. Sit down, relax, and it will pass. What happens is that the electrons from the atmosphere flow into your body, try a capsule first. If you can handle more, take two. I personally take four tablets of plasma every night just before bedtime. I can feel the effects building up, but then I fall asleep. The dreams are indeed creative and clear. You can try that too, but you should be a warrior like me by then... 🙂 Otherwise, the dosage of Nano Calcium is two capsules a day like Red Calcium. You can also take one at bedtime and see how you react. Try at least once in the morning or early afternoon to be awake during the effect.

It seems that I have arrived at a significant point in my life's journey. I was a doctor with my own practice for over three decades, and my greatest dream was to have a remedy that would work on a central node of the human body. The most important of these nodes is the body's access to energy. You can compare this to the availability of electric current in your daily life. If there is electricity, everything else exists. And that is plasma. Today I had a call from an elderly lady who asked for my help with her stomach cancer. She asked me to tell her what would happen if she followed my advice and took the capsules I prescribed. Without further thought or hesitation, I replied, "You would be fine." Any kind or kind of disease or aging body responds to plasma and gets better. I've always wanted to share the Holy Grail with my friends. No more, no less.

Dr Tamás Szikra