dr. tamas szikra


Dr. Tamás Szikra was born on 17.6.1962 in Budapest, went through an average childhood, had good parents, no abusive teachers or circumstances and therefore the ideal circumstances to observe the world around him. Doctors were very much appreciated at that time and as his mother was constantly ill, he thought: "What the hell - let's become a doctor". In 1986 he had his final year at Semmelweis University and then worked in anaesthesia intensive care for three years. Afterwards he did his military service and then went into private practice and psychotherapy. He began studying alchemy in 1991 and has since then devoted himself passionately to longevity, immortality and philosophy. 

In his words: "Now I can do and do things that few can do, and live a life of passion with my work. Dr. Szikra has been married for 34 years and is the father of three adult and educated children, all of whom live and work abroad. "I completed my medical studies in 1986 at Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest. At that time I was fluent in three languages and knew exactly what I wanted, and it was simple: answers - that was what I wanted. What plagued me incessantly throughout my childhood was my mother, who was always ill. She was constantly suffering and in constant pain and that is why I studied medicine. However, she died before I had finished my studies. 

This laid the foundation for everything that followed. My goal was not only to get an answer to something specific, but to EVERYTHING! First of all, I had to solve the mystery of the illness itself - for this I needed answers that went beyond those of conventional medicine. When I found that out, I also understood at the same time that it was only a fraction, a grain of sand in the ocean of all knowledge. When I had the answers to that, to be able to heal myself and others, I needed the knowledge of one more thing. Something that would always be available to me, so that I would have enough space to stick my nose into many other things. So goal number two had to be longevity - a very long longevity so that I would have enough time to do my research.

All my contemporaries are beaten on their way through this life with misery, illness and constant struggle for existence. That's not right! Life should be about the joys of it, the many adventures and the beauty of being free. I look back on fifty-four years of exploring life, digging up the unknown, making it known and applying the hard-earned knowledge. Now I am completely cured of multiple sclerosis - a tremendous achievement in itself - and I have so much time on my hands that I sometimes have difficulty in being aware of it. 

The time has now come to share this incredible story with everyone - a story that spans many ages and, like an octopus with its tentacles, delves long and deep into unimaginable secrets and treasures. Well, and then it came the contact with the ancient hermit, which changed my life completely..."