bra from Biel/Bienne (72) m

The intake of Red Calcium and Pic Salt has been going on for 4 months now. Strangely enough, I experienced some discomfort that I considered to be overcome for a long time. E.g. heart flutter and long lasting pain in the groin. But only for a few weeks, as if it was a homeopathic initial worsening. The prerequisite for a final recovery, because since then everything has returned to normal. Then I switched to NanoCalcium instead of Red Calcium because of the current virus pandemic. 2 tablets daily. I left the Pig Salt on one capsule per day every evening. I felt from the very beginning that something was changing.

My dreams intensified, I am more relaxed, but some times I got a little dizzy. On the advice of Dr. Szikra I reduced the 2 tablets to 1 tablet for a few days. Today I feel much more agile and clearer in my head and when I look in the mirror in the morning I am happy that I seem much more relaxed.

LL from Biel (64) w

I have been taking Red Calcium for 4 months and changed to NanoCalcium 2 weeks ago. The effect was very strong. I got my period again and also had hot flushes again. But only once, then it was over again. My dreams were very intense and clear.

It changed me psychologically too. The inner calmness is very pleasant and I feel that I process a lot of my "baggage". Also physically a lot changes. A badly healed scar changed from red to a natural skin colour and the sensation is normalising more and more. When changing to NanoCalcium my body reacted with nausea, so I stopped this attempt.

At a second attempt I did not feel any more nausea. I am curious how everything will develop now.