In addition to his own alchemical tinctures developed over the decades, Dr. Szikra got in touch with an ancient hermit in 2004, from whom he obtained the Red Lion tincture. It was this tincture that about 300 people worldwide took for testing purposes. 

In 2016 the "Pig Salt", which he himself had further developed, was added, which Dr. Schüssler originally used for his Schüssler salts. In autumn 2017, in cooperation with a chemist, Red Calcium was created, a living calcium which - similar to breast milk - is excellently absorbed by the human body. 

After the ashes of a piglet go through a 14-month alchemical process in the production of Pig Salt - as the old custom requires - criticism was expressed. Some don't want to eat anything that comes from the pig, others want to eat a completely vegan diet. Therefore, Dr. Szikra continued to research a method or combination to circumvent this. In July 2018, the time had come: He succeeded in further developing the original Red Lion tincture of the hermit in such a way that the Pig Salt and thus animal ingredients can be completely dispensed with

In 2020 the nanocalcium was created out of the misery of the new virus situation. A groundbreaking "marriage" at the level of zinc/copper plasma and the well-known Red Calcium to safely prevent infection. But the result was much broader than expected. The Nano-Calcium works aalso has a positive effect on awareness and is also considerednumber-two "Fountain of Youth". 

Therefore, all four variants are now available and everyone can decide for himself which one he wants to eat.


The basic substances of the Red Lion are gold and XXXX, which form a bond (alchemical marriage). Both go through an alchemical process lasting 14 or 18 months, which - similar to homeopathy - potentiates the connection and massively strengthens its effect. Dr. Szirka obtained the Red Lion from an ancient hermit for years until he succeeded in obtaining the recipe from him. Since then he has been producing it himself, but he is still in contact with the hermit and exchanges new findings with him. 

The current Red Lion by Dr. Szikra is a further development of the hermit tincture and is even stronger, which is why it is not necessary to take Pig Salt. The base liquid, into which Dr. Szikra's Red Lion is added, is a mixture of alcohol and sunflower oil as a catalyst. For all people who are looking for real rejuvenation and recovery.


Red Calcium, the living calcium, is obtained from sepia and lactic acid before entering the alchemical process. The human body breaks down about 0.5 grams of calcium per day, so it is advisable to supply living calcium. 

Due to the calcium breakdown, osteoporosis develops in the bones and the skin becomes wrinkled. If you have muscle pain, you lack the calcium. Red Calcium is water soluble and is absorbed directly by the body. The big secret is how the calcium becomes water soluble. Certain ingredients must be added to the process to make it water-soluble - and these give the calcium a yellow-reddish colour. (It has this yellow-reddish colouring when it comes out of the process, but later it turns almost white). 

For all people who want to do something against all acidic diseases and complaints of old age.


The grey pill - a combination of the Red Lion and the Pig Salt - works on a spiritual level. It has been specially developed to free and repair DNA. The DNA gets mutations and defects over the generations. This is why we have a degeneration of the species. In addition, in the past most people died away with malformations and genetic diseases (defects). Today they are kept alive. This is where the grey pill comes in: It repairs, it solves this problem by sorting the DNA. To repair the defects, you need the Schüssler salts (Pig Salt). To get the information HOW to repair the DNA, you need the super catalyst, the Red Lion tincture, which is made of gold and XXXX. And both together are a perfect match for DNA. 

For all people who are striving for optimal cell division again. Also in composition with the Red Lion tincture or Nano-Calcium.


To the living calcium, one third zinc-copper plasma is added. The effect is on the one hand the protection against pathogenic viruses, on the other hand the calcium produced from cuttlefish, which regenerates all acid diseases and age-related deficits. 

The plasma is also a receiver of life energy and acts in the long run as a "fountain of youth". If you take Nano-Calcium together with Pig Salt (grey pill), you can do without the Red Lion tincture. For all people who want to protect themselves against virus pressure and at the same time strive for higher consciousness.

rejuvenator pill

With each year of our aging, the number and size of harmful microbial colonies increases continuously. They are everywhere: in the skin, muscles, fat, bones, joints and organs. Rejuvenator pill causes the environment to become inhospitable to all disease-causing parasites and they flee our bodies. The result is overall health, rejuvenation and well-being. It is actually not the Rejuvenator pills that achieve this but by releasing the baggage the body can recover optimally. It is recommended to take 2 pills per day for the first 2 months. After that 1 pill per day.


RECOMMENDATION FOR INHIBITATION From the reports of several hundred people who take the various essences in pill or liquid form, the following intake is recommended: 

The Red Calcium (white pill) has a strong stimulating effect and should therefore be taken in the morning after getting up with some water. If taken in the evening it can cause sleep disturbances. 

The Pig Salt (grey pill) should be taken in the evening, as it is rather tiring and can lead to sometimes violent dreams at night. 

The Red Lion Tincture is best taken in the evening before going to bed, as it not only helps you to dream intensively but also has a slightly has a tiring effect. You have to shake the bottle briefly and then drink half of it. (You can of course drink a whole bottle, then the ration will only last for a month). Everyone should test for themselves when to take the tincture - for example at mealtimes or on an empty stomach. If you take the Red Lion in the morning after getting up or in the evening before going to bed on an empty stomach, the taste may be a little intense. Those who do not want to do so can take the Red Lion during dinner, for example. Or you drink another liquid with taste after the tincture (a sip of juice or tea or eat something salty). 

The Nano-Calcium is generally taken after some food. They have a quick and strong cleansing effect. This may cause some nausea for a few days until the big push of rejection is over. However, this is experienced very individually. It is recommended to take 2 Nano Calcium capsules daily until the virus situation has cleared up. A more intensive dream activity is also possible with Nano Calcium.