18 August

Dr. Szikra: Corona virus treatment - simple and effective

Dear friends,

we're all having quite a problem with the corona virus right now. There is no solution offered by health specialists except to wash our hands frequently and wear a mask. It's not really saving us...

I came across an invention from a person I trust unconditionally - Dr. Keshe, a respected nuclear physicist. At the beginning of November, he was commissioned by the Chinese government to find some solutions against the spread and containment of the corona virus. The Chinese government suspected that a situation would develop from this, although at that time nobody knew how serious it would become. Now we know. He did the seemingly impossible and delivered his invention to the Chinese government in January 2020.

The Chinese accepted Dr. Keshe's invention and succeeded in stopping the increasing spread of the virus in the community concerned. Unfortunately, it is still spreading in other parts of the world. The Chinese have kept this knowledge under wraps, so Dr. Keshe began to spread the news of its development on his own. But apparently he is not yet well enough known.

I copied his invention, tried it out and found that it works like a charm on virus-infected patients. It's not only good for coronavirus, but for everything but AIDS. It is a perfect protection against the infection even for those not yet infected.

It's a nano-tech device that's easy to make if you have the necessary understanding. The basic body of the machine is a 1 litre vessel containing salt water for conductivity. In the water we have immersed three electrodes. One is a zinc plate, the other is a normal copper coil, the third is the trick - it is a nano-coated copper coil. 

The entire device is powered by 1.5 V DC from an AA battery. You fill the glass with water, add the table salt and bring the coils and the plate into position. The reaction starts in the water. It bubbles for 12 hours, then the battery is disconnected and the water can settle. When the water is clear again, you drink a cup of this water and within a few hours the infection subsides, the fever disappears and for some time everything is fine. The therapy takes a few days and the patient heals.

At the bottom of the glass, at the end of the twelve hours of fizzing, a sediment of light green or light brown colour settles, depending on the quality of the water used. Using normal tap water is excellent. This produces the light brown sediment. Salted distilled water provides the light green sediment. The residue must not be touched - only the clear liquid above. When the water has settled and is clear, it is carefully poured into another container and used - one cup a day. Then the container is washed clean, the zinc electrode is cleaned or replaced with a new one, and the machine is ready for the next batch.

Add clean water, salt it with normal table salt (9-10 grams / liter) and connect the battery. A battery runs for a long time. If the battery is empty, you will not notice any bubbles when connecting to the circuit. Then replace it with a new one.

Every household concerned should have one such small machine. As simple as it is, it saves lives and makes the fear of the whole corona virus less frightening. You can make the machine yourself - or, if that's too complicated for you, order it at https://dr-red-lion.ch.

The costs are 68 € + VAT and postage.

Dr Tamás Szikra